In the name of lord Almighty and lord Jesus, Father son and the Holy Spirit, Let peace and blessings come to you.

In 2000’s, Pr. P. Benjamin Selvaraj spread the Word of God in Kanyakumari even though foundations are made through church activities in 2000’s itself in Kanyakumari from the districts of Tirupur, Erode, Nagai, Thiruvarur, Hosur, Bangalore and Kerala state.

After nearly 10 years of undeterred, continuous and happy service, we have under our loving care and concern orphaned, street children, Children of beggars, Children rehabilitated from begging profession and Children who have lost their parents to the dreaded disease -AIDS. Any human being who is an Orphan, uncared and left in the street will be given shelter, food, clothing and rehabilitation at our Orphanage.

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